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Josh has been tuning his skills over the past couple of years with a strong dedication and will to his craft. His talent definitely proves that hard work pays off and its obvious whenever he shreds. With that being said, Lifeblood Skateboards was more than grateful to proudly greet and welcome Josh to their own squad of skaters.

In this clip, Josh visited his friend Kevin Kowalski to his house that is highlighted with basically a private skatepark in his backyard. The two shredded the bowl while under the weather of the Oregon coast. After their session, they followed it up with another at Phil Tedder’s personal bowl before he made a trip back home the next day. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled because this kid has a few tricks up his sleeve and he definitely plans to reveal them!



Keith Hufnagel is to blame for the ever ascending brand HUF. Its taking the streets by storm and will continue to thrive under any circumstances. Keith grew up in New York with skateboarding as his passion and first love. He then moved to San Francisco to pursue his passion in skateboarding. During his stay in Sf, he wanted an alternative to clothing in which he would be wearing.

As a result he opened up his first store in August 2002 as a little storefront providing the areas most popular brands and lines out at the time. During the process, he started HUF which ultimately led to him focusing solely on that alone. HUF became one of the faster growing and recognized street brands out at this time.

He combined the differences and bridged the gaps of street wear and the skateboarding community. As of now HUF offers and produces top notch high quality merchandise right out of their Downtown Los Angeles headquarters.

Originality is key when it comes to longevity. Trends and fashions have been recycled throughout the years, and originality is what keeps certain brands alive. Without it, they’ll begin to fade into the endless amount of brands that have come and gone within the industry. What makes a brand stand out amongst the others and makes them unique is the key in catching a customer’s attention as well as keeping it.

In 2009 Adrien Lopez founded the infamous brand Loser Machine as well as the Dark Seas Division as an extension of his proficient career in professional skateboarding.The two brands were founded on the collaboration of American pastimes as well as influential inspirations that were fueled upon significant movements and revelations that this country went through. Adrien along with his innovative benefactors built products and produced merchandise that is based upon the commonwealth and hardworking people that drive this country to what it is today.

Loser Machine’s style is unparalleled and in a world of its own with influences from Biker themes to tattoos. They specialize in products that have a retro bad boy feel as well as a classic aesthetic to them. They offer a broad range of products from clothes to motorcycle accessories such as a helmet line called the Knuckleheads. The Knuckleheads line was influenced by motorcycle gangs and crew ranging from the 60′s all the way until now. Loser Machine is the brand behind hard work, tenacity, and stone cold ethics. Check out our online shop to see our collection of Loser Machine right here at Stix.

Whenever you hear about Huf, modern art may come to mind or even renditioned masterpieces. They concentrate on thoroughness and superiority, along with artistry and comfort. Their designs can demand your attention with a design so subtle and simple to doing the exact same thing with an all over print. Huf is definitely the definition of fashion at this point, surpassing street wear and all subsidiaries that are related.

Huf branded the bond between fashion and and lifestyle with their distinct designs and and presence that you can’t deny. The combination between the streets and fashion is something unparalleled in relation to reputation. The fuse of music, art, skateboarding, and a lifestyle is what they produce.

Huf has ensured its originality with ingenuity and innovative takes on everything that they produce. Statements and visualizations are portrayed throughout their line and it summons a greater calling then your average. Its a brand in its own lane, with their own rules and regulations.

The team behind Huf is to be blamed for an amazing concept that has come to life. Artists is what they are, and every piece belongs in a museum. Aside from the designs, they’re made with the highest quality materials and garments that in turn provide for comfort without compromising its style.




Herschel Supply Co is the epitome of craftsmanship and style. Their attention to detail is precise right down to every seem and stitch. Their quality is the top of the line and their craftsmanship behind the design is flawless. Herschel encompasses the work ethics and ideals behind the people of past generations as well as embodying the values and principles of hard work. Those exact principles can be seen with just one glance by looking at any piece that Herschel puts out. Their take on accessories to luggage holds the keen sense of style that consumers yearn for, and that alone is just one of the impacting reasons as to why Herschel commands the scene.

It all started in the beginning of the 19th Century where a barrel maker under the name of Peter Alexander Cormack, along with his wife Annie embarked on a quest from their homeland of Wick, Scotland to the frontier of Canada. The trip was due to the Scottish government and the homestead program that persuaded the Scottish people to relocate and immigrate to other countries. After what seemed like infinite days at sea, the Cormacks then established themselves in the town limited of Herschel.

Fast forward a few years to 2009 and you’d find that town name of Herschel would then be converted into the timeless line we know of today by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack.

The poverty levels of this country sometimes go unnoticed while we rant, rave, and complain about things that hold little to no importance. Indulgence and fulfillment are two hoarding traits that we as Americans can be subject to. In this day in age, its easy to overlook real issues that aren’t necessarily relevant to your lifestyle. It can be due to social media, social agenda, or it can stem from a variety of different outlets. Whatever it may be, theres still an underlying issue that Americans seem to disregard. Poverty is aligned along the streets of the U.S everywhere, poverty rates are continually rising and the poverty stricken are losing their hope.

Theres been documentaries and covers regarding this matter, but sometimes they don’t cover the full story in depth. They may tell the story from a different view or from their own view, and not connect with the true relevance containing the background behind it. Well director Eric Becker alongside photographer Aaron Huey felt they needed to reveal the reality and sincerity of this topic. “Honor the Treaties” is their tale of poverty behind the Pines Ridge Reservation and the indian people. The documentary took a turn from its original direction of journalism into the viewpoint of an advocate.The ultimate goal was to expose the harsh truth and reality of these problems from the eyes and minds of the people who suffer from them. The project reveals those things through striking imagery as well as powerful footage to convey the overall direction of their goal.

Shepard Fairey doused his abilities with Aaron Huey’s work to create powerful portrayals and depictions that immediately capture the attention of one’s mind. Aaron has accomplished his goal of spreading awareness through his work through many means including a cover for National Geographic as well as Shepard commending him as his take on Aaron’s photographs line the walls of places everywhere. Its a perfect pair of harmony between this collaboration considering their goals and missions are unified in a positive light. While you’re at it, check out the rest of our OBEY catalog right here at Stix.

What happens when two powerhouse companies come together for one common cause? It can be made out to be the next best thing, or it can turn out to be just a good idea. Well in this case, Girl and Sanrio served themselves and collectors justice. They have combined forces by tying skateboard culture along with the Hello Kitty franchise.

Not only did the break the boundaries and barriers of skateboarding, but they did in a way that separates the bias of the sport. It all started with the 35th anniversary of Hello Kitty and Mike Carroll, which then led to a complete series of Sanrio characters that are paired up with the likes of the Girl riders. These decks have made their mark already in the industry with a fine impression on the normal bonds of skateboarding.

They’ve broken the mold of skater behavior with a collaboration that speaks of something totally opposite of Skulls and whatnot. Collectors its time to stock up, with such a limited amount of these decks along with collaboration itself, it’d be crazy not to get your hands on these before they’re all gone. While you’re at it, check out our very own collection of the decks right here at Stix Ride Shop.

The epitome of competition is to come out victorious & to be declared triumphant in the arena of your specialties. In any sport the goal is to  conquer  your opponents in every aspect and to reign supreme with a perfect record along with the trophy to prove it. Well in this case, Undefeated has stayed true to its name. They continue to play the field with a track record thats flawless. Their game plan is precise, right down to every play and every facet of their methods.Their attention to detail is unfathomable and the brilliant mind behind their coaching staff is superior, in fact Undefeated has changed the game in such a way that it makes the others look inferior.


This line represents the idea of perfection, to mold your conscious into accepting nothing less than that. The intention of infamous 5 Strikes is to tally up the points and bask in victory. Do yourself a favor and join the team that reigns supreme, if not its your loss. Literally.



The fashions seem to change, yet they’re so similar. Maybe because the trends are just recycled forms of the past with a little twist. Well old school is now the new thanks to Penny. They’re taking the country by storm and they are for a good reason. Besides looking downright sick, these one of a kind boards can withstand enormous amounts of pressure, so you’ll be good for years to come. Quality is the name of the game, and Penny definitely agrees with that. Penny was born in the rugged terrain of Australia which explains its tough and durable nature.

They also come in two different sizes with a crazy combination of color ways. The Penny is about 22″ and can fit in something as small as your locker, and the Nickel is about 27″ thats made for a little more room for comfort. Either way, Penny has you downright covered, whatever your preference may be. One board that stands out from their line-up is called the Hoverboard. It features a glow in the dark deck with blacked out trucks and wheels to create the illusion of Hovering at night. Once again, Penny never fails to amaze us, now its your turn to find out.

Summer is here, and we all know how uncomfortable the Sun can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving, hanging poolside, or relaxing at the beach, its never a pleasant moment when you’re squinting and staring into glares. Think of us as ants under a bully’s magnifying glass. Why pay an arm and a leg for some designer shades when there’s plenty of economical options to choose from? With that being said, Mike Mo and Vince Capaldi created the inexpensive solution to this pesky problem.

Meet Glassy Sunhaters, the ultimate formula to protecting your vision as well as keeping you in style. They come in a wide array of different color ways for you to match them with whatever outfits you might have in your wardrobe. Once again, why cough up a nice portion of your paycheck for something that you can get at a discounted price? Stay Glassy 8)