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In art there’s a number of components that tie into the piece, theres the color theory, matter, style, form, and technique. If you let the audience be aware of your style and content then you’ll reward them with a better understanding and appreciation for your art. If the idea of symbolism is apparent and knowledgable then the viewing experience can be more fulfilling and enriching with more intrigue to look further into the piece.

Theres a an infinite number of revered artists from the past, and their works of art and forever to be cherished. In our day, we have a number of artists that are to follow in the footsteps of the greats that influenced them. One of those artists is Shepard Fairey who is the creator  of OBEY. His works of art can be seen across the globe from billboards and buildings to hoodies and t-shirts.

His new series of pieces will be based around a new style called diamond dust printing. Basically its the utilization of a floral type abstraction with the use of a visually enticing style that consist of black and white diamond dust. The new conception of diamond dust is plastered onto the surface of the print that creates a glistening and glamorous aesthetic to the piece. This style was more commonly used by Andy Warhol who used this method to intensify his work with a more stunning look. This style is consistent with Shepard’s intrigue in the use of seduction through marketing and branding.


Originality is key when it comes to longevity. Trends and fashions have been recycled throughout the years, and originality is what keeps certain brands alive. Without it, they’ll begin to fade into the endless amount of brands that have come and gone within the industry. What makes a brand stand out amongst the others and makes them unique is the key in catching a customer’s attention as well as keeping it.

In 2009 Adrien Lopez founded the infamous brand Loser Machine as well as the Dark Seas Division as an extension of his proficient career in professional skateboarding.The two brands were founded on the collaboration of American pastimes as well as influential inspirations that were fueled upon significant movements and revelations that this country went through. Adrien along with his innovative benefactors built products and produced merchandise that is based upon the commonwealth and hardworking people that drive this country to what it is today.

Loser Machine’s style is unparalleled and in a world of its own with influences from Biker themes to tattoos. They specialize in products that have a retro bad boy feel as well as a classic aesthetic to them. They offer a broad range of products from clothes to motorcycle accessories such as a helmet line called the Knuckleheads. The Knuckleheads line was influenced by motorcycle gangs and crew ranging from the 60′s all the way until now. Loser Machine is the brand behind hard work, tenacity, and stone cold ethics. Check out our online shop to see our collection of Loser Machine right here at Stix.

Whenever you hear about Huf, modern art may come to mind or even renditioned masterpieces. They concentrate on thoroughness and superiority, along with artistry and comfort. Their designs can demand your attention with a design so subtle and simple to doing the exact same thing with an all over print. Huf is definitely the definition of fashion at this point, surpassing street wear and all subsidiaries that are related.

Huf branded the bond between fashion and and lifestyle with their distinct designs and and presence that you can’t deny. The combination between the streets and fashion is something unparalleled in relation to reputation. The fuse of music, art, skateboarding, and a lifestyle is what they produce.

Huf has ensured its originality with ingenuity and innovative takes on everything that they produce. Statements and visualizations are portrayed throughout their line and it summons a greater calling then your average. Its a brand in its own lane, with their own rules and regulations.

The team behind Huf is to be blamed for an amazing concept that has come to life. Artists is what they are, and every piece belongs in a museum. Aside from the designs, they’re made with the highest quality materials and garments that in turn provide for comfort without compromising its style.




Herschel Supply Co is the epitome of craftsmanship and style. Their attention to detail is precise right down to every seem and stitch. Their quality is the top of the line and their craftsmanship behind the design is flawless. Herschel encompasses the work ethics and ideals behind the people of past generations as well as embodying the values and principles of hard work. Those exact principles can be seen with just one glance by looking at any piece that Herschel puts out. Their take on accessories to luggage holds the keen sense of style that consumers yearn for, and that alone is just one of the impacting reasons as to why Herschel commands the scene.

It all started in the beginning of the 19th Century where a barrel maker under the name of Peter Alexander Cormack, along with his wife Annie embarked on a quest from their homeland of Wick, Scotland to the frontier of Canada. The trip was due to the Scottish government and the homestead program that persuaded the Scottish people to relocate and immigrate to other countries. After what seemed like infinite days at sea, the Cormacks then established themselves in the town limited of Herschel.

Fast forward a few years to 2009 and you’d find that town name of Herschel would then be converted into the timeless line we know of today by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack.

The skate scene is constantly changing and ever-evolving in this day in age with new recruits, drops, and signature products. It revolves around the essence of the now, the current hype and attention that is centered on certain individuals and products. Skaters can be dropped from their sponsors for poor performance or they can be added as new additions for their stellar accomplishments.

For starters, Torey Pudwill signed a contract extension with DVS for another three years as well as his 3rd signature shoe to come out in the next few months to come. Skater Ben Raybourn joined forces with Aaron “Jaws” Homoki down at Birdhouse, keep your eyes peeled for a twisted “Welcome to the team” drop from him as well.

Send Help finally revealed Randy Ploesser’s very first signature model to ploy him into the professional status.

Ashbury has recently acquired San Pedro’s very own Robbie Russo and Colorado’s native Josh Murphy to their squad. Theeve Trucks recently picked up Dolan Stearns and Element was said to get ahold of 12 year old skate prodigy Tom Schaar.

Brixton was pleased to welcome renowned skate legend Jason Jessee to their posse as well. Brixton’s co-founder David Stoddard was quoted saying “Jason is an inspiration to people inside and outside of skateboarding, he brings a rich heritage to the Brixton family and we are honored to be working with him.”

“I feel right at home on Brixton,” said Jessee. “I’m into everything they’re into, so it’s very comfortable. I wear two hats and a lot of clothes and their stuff rules, so I am fully stoked on being a part of this.”

Jason joins forces with the rest of the team including Taylor Bingaman, Jordan Taylor, and a lot of other greats as well. Look for big things to come out of this powerhouse team.

Summer is gone, fall is here, and with that being said the fashions will combine with the elements. As the temperature begins to tune it down a notch, crisp air and a broad array of different colors will begin to cover the horizon. Summer will definitely be a season to remember, but with fall and winter approaching we’ll have another slew of memories to create. Your senses will encounter all kinds of different elements from sights to sounds, as well as your overall being. Acrylick senses that, and they themselves have brought together a new line to accommodate these up and coming seasons.

The Fall compilation will consist of a blend of all the elements that the season entitles along with the notions and essence of Acrylick’s mantra that they have been putting great importance on. The colors in the collection were chosen based on the feelings they empower and exert in one’s mind. It doesn’t matter how vague the season may appear, it is certainly at work creating the feelings of empowerment through its nature of restoring for spring. Acrylick hopes to attain the same concept with its clothing.

The site they chose for a backdrop of their look book entitles their overall theme of the line. It was shot in the heart of Los Angeles and the skew of colors provided were ideal in regards to exemplifying their designs in mind. The uncanny souther california weather gave off the perfect tone of mellow nature, the flawless representation of Fall.



Mighty Healthy, the brand that satisfies your appetite, the appetite for style, individualism, and independence. Mighty Healthy isn’t the brand that puts out products for the cause of keeping up with the trends, they’re more in the race of setting them. MH has been known to stand apart from their predecessors and competition, in fact their goals is to do just that. Its a truly New York line in regards to their connection and involvement with the city. Those connections and that involvement is definitely recognized with New Yorker natives as well as others to see. Since 2004 of their establishment, founders Ray Mate along with Denis Iderman refused to produce any pieces that represent the current and ongoing trends circulating in the industry. As far as they’re concerned, they’d like to stay away from that area and continue to making the unique and exclusive pieces they’ve come to generate.

The contrast and difference with this brand and the others is their procedure of things and their method of operation. Its comes from a direct root of their influence, stemming from the city, their culture, and life around them. For example they feed off skateboarding, and that is just one of their purest loves. Mighty Healthy is the branch carrying the rotten Apple of New York.


Last week Stix took a trip out to Little Tokyo to support our good friends down at Bowls. They opened their doors to the public and provided everyone with a good time. They had streaming supply of Pabst brews as well as red velvet cupcakes to go with them. They also had a live band to entertain us along with our favorite brands plastering the walls.

Some of those brands was Us versus Them as well Stussy and SGV. Take some time out to check out SGV as well as Silver Street Supply, these brands are on the scene and they’re here to stay, so get used to them.

Bowls not only carries our favorite brands, but they carry some sick equipment too. If you’re into bikes and whatnot, check out their extensive collection of Ruckus parts to deck out your bike.

If you’re ever in the area be sure to check out Bowls in Little Tokyo, they’re located at 311 East 1st Street  Los Angeles, CA 90012
and you can reach them at (213) 628-8866.

The poverty levels of this country sometimes go unnoticed while we rant, rave, and complain about things that hold little to no importance. Indulgence and fulfillment are two hoarding traits that we as Americans can be subject to. In this day in age, its easy to overlook real issues that aren’t necessarily relevant to your lifestyle. It can be due to social media, social agenda, or it can stem from a variety of different outlets. Whatever it may be, theres still an underlying issue that Americans seem to disregard. Poverty is aligned along the streets of the U.S everywhere, poverty rates are continually rising and the poverty stricken are losing their hope.

Theres been documentaries and covers regarding this matter, but sometimes they don’t cover the full story in depth. They may tell the story from a different view or from their own view, and not connect with the true relevance containing the background behind it. Well director Eric Becker alongside photographer Aaron Huey felt they needed to reveal the reality and sincerity of this topic. “Honor the Treaties” is their tale of poverty behind the Pines Ridge Reservation and the indian people. The documentary took a turn from its original direction of journalism into the viewpoint of an advocate.The ultimate goal was to expose the harsh truth and reality of these problems from the eyes and minds of the people who suffer from them. The project reveals those things through striking imagery as well as powerful footage to convey the overall direction of their goal.

Shepard Fairey doused his abilities with Aaron Huey’s work to create powerful portrayals and depictions that immediately capture the attention of one’s mind. Aaron has accomplished his goal of spreading awareness through his work through many means including a cover for National Geographic as well as Shepard commending him as his take on Aaron’s photographs line the walls of places everywhere. Its a perfect pair of harmony between this collaboration considering their goals and missions are unified in a positive light. While you’re at it, check out the rest of our OBEY catalog right here at Stix.