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Within this generation a handful of brands have established themselves as a higher power throughout the street wear industry. Brands such as A Bathing Ape, Stussy, Undefeated, & Blvck Scvle have took a stronghold of the handle and the influence of this generation. Instead of competing, they’ve came together to collaborate and further establish themselves. So how does an up and coming brand make their mark on the scene? That notion is certainly one that everyone wishes they could possess.


But as of now, we believe that Necessities International has the secret in reach. They have breached the stronghold of the major league and have surfaced with a name of their own. They’ve started a revolution that the game so desperately needs. The iconic “Officer Oink” has been known to make every police officer cringe with disgust. They have crossed national borders and have certainly lived up to their name. The Jade elephant has been said to stand behind a notion of prosperity and pureness. It has been used a Talisman against evils for generations and its just one of the limited products that they carry. The Eve design is pretty self explanatory with a A women holding an apple that a vicious serpent is biting. But on the other hand, the question is what are they trying to convey?

Aside from their amazing graphics, their product is super limited with their store being sold out half of the time! They rarely restock making it that much harder to find any of their stuff. You won’t find any luck on Ebay and they don’t outsource to any other shops other than their own!


The meaning and symbolism behind their design is clouded with questions and religion. Its deeper than you think, it may you draw you to a conclusion but there is definitely more tied into it than that conclusion itself. We have recently caught up with some of the staff and they just visited the Stussy Harajuku Chapter of Stussy Japan. Maybe we can look forward to a collaboration in the near future? Here’s a picture of Jun from the Stussy Harajuku and his limited Officer Oink tee in white.

The origin of Necessities Intl is very vague and they don’t mention that much, but we happened to find out a little more than they would like to share publicly. A lot of their influences stem from Tokyo, Japan, New York, Los Angeles, along with Germany. Musicians such as Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Kanye West, Quasimoto and N.E.R.D. have also been an influence to their aesthetic along with artists such as Kaws and Nigo.

We have tried our best to possibly get Necessities International into our site, but that idea may be one of fiction. Be sure to check them out at

Hobbies such as skateboarding and listening to music can be a very influential tool in life. Those hobbies can shape a person’s life and sway them in a direction that might not of taken if they never involved those two in their life. Well that notion was realized by REAL skateboards along with the Band Green Day.

As a member of Green Day Billie Joe Armstrong along with Co-founder of Real Jim Thiebaud conversed about the idea of combining their talents into a way of helping and inspiring others. Along the years their ideas turned into a reality through their friendship and passion for influencing the youth. As time elapsed, they came to the conclusion of Actions REALized x Green Day skateboard decks to be of aid and assistance to the youth at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center of Oakland.

A percentage of the profits from these boards will be happily donated to the Children’s Hospital and Research Center. This collaboration is one of beauty because of the main goal to help the youth in need. Not only that, but its the only Childrens hospital in the Bay area that specializes in the youth. Everybody here at Stix recognizes the big accomplishment they pulled off and we commend them. Good stuff.



Huf has been on a roll lately, and they’ve been popping out a few tricks to keep their streak alive. Well check out the newest collaboration from Huf and Magic Number.

HUF has recently combined forces with a heavy hitter from the far east. The brand is called Magic Number and they’ve created a collection with HUF that includes a number of co-branded hats as well as shirts. Magic Number combines the different aspects of street wear along with the aesthetic of board sports as well. The clash of cultures is the brainchild of Ryu Nakamuru who established Magic Number in 2008. The design that Magic Number provides is one to be called the “New Lifestyle” .

It appeals to both sides of the fence who prefer streetwear along with the individuals who take part in extreme sports in addition to everyone else in-between. The Huf x Magic Number Collab marks Magic Number’s fifth year anniversary along with Huf’s 10th year anniversary.

While you’re here, check out our selection of HUF right here at




Meet Martine Johanna the newest member of the women’s artist series from OBEY. As a Amsterdam native she continues to push her experiences and influences from her surroundings into her art. She says she was born with the spirit of an artist, as soon as she could participate in anything artsy she would including drawing, storytelling, painting, to watching odd movies. At the young age of 19, Martine got accepted into the academy of arts in the city of Arnhem, Holland in the fashion department where she would later us that to good use.

She loved the whole aesthetic of designing and took a great deal of pleasure in her path of profession, but a part of her just couldn’t let go of her interest in drawings and enormous paper projects. So when post graduation came alongshe got a position as an all-over pattern designer and shortly thereafter became a womenswear designer for the street wear brand, Gsus-Sindustries.

She enjoyed her job, but her passion was dying to get out. While she was in Amsterdam she began to paint huge murals on building and met some incredible people while doing so. She in turn quit her day job and started to live for her passion. She began drawing and painting on a number of panels including canvas and wood.

As an artist for OBEY, she always maintained to explore the depths of a subject and equate it into a visual of her own understanding and perception. A major theme of the her collection within OBEY is that of American culture. She loves the U.S. and its history of odd events that led to the development of our country. A number of the aesthetics she wants to portray is the cult origin, urban legends, and beautiful scenery that grace the landscape. One of her designs is a double headed Eagle thats translates into the duality and balance within the American culture. Another piece is the flower girl that is a reflection of the time period before the Manson killings that tragically put an end to the morality of the sixties.

After a whole day of crappy weather and unruly skies, mother nature decided to let up and let Vans appropriately hold their Bowl-A-Rama Event and mystify everyone who came out to watch these incredible individuals showcase their talent.

The multi talented Pedro Barros and surprisingly young skater of 17 proved his worth with his incredible victory of 4 championships within this event. He pulled out a collective of tricks including high indy 540′s and a mean back tail slide that topped it off. Bucky Lasek did what he does best and shredded the bowl apart and snagged the 2nd place spot followed by another legend of Rune Gilfberg who took in 3rd. The Vans Bowl-A-Rama podium stood exactly how it did last year, same look and all.

Denmark’s native professional veteran Nicky Guerrero bullied Steve Caballero out of the way to capture and hold the Masters title with a great deal of consistency along with an innovative set skill of different stunts and tricks.

Final Results

1. Pedros Barros
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Rune Glifberg
4. Josh Stafford
5. Sam Beckett
6. Alex Sorgente
7. Brad McClain
8. Omar Hassan
9. Kalani David
10. Kevin Kowalski

1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Steve Caballero
3. Eddie Elguera
4. Pat Ngoho
5. Christian Hosoi
6. Mike McGill
7. Sergie Ventura
8. Adam Luxford
9. Lester Kasai
10. Jeff Grosso

In art there’s a number of components that tie into the piece, theres the color theory, matter, style, form, and technique. If you let the audience be aware of your style and content then you’ll reward them with a better understanding and appreciation for your art. If the idea of symbolism is apparent and knowledgable then the viewing experience can be more fulfilling and enriching with more intrigue to look further into the piece.

Theres a an infinite number of revered artists from the past, and their works of art and forever to be cherished. In our day, we have a number of artists that are to follow in the footsteps of the greats that influenced them. One of those artists is Shepard Fairey who is the creator  of OBEY. His works of art can be seen across the globe from billboards and buildings to hoodies and t-shirts.

His new series of pieces will be based around a new style called diamond dust printing. Basically its the utilization of a floral type abstraction with the use of a visually enticing style that consist of black and white diamond dust. The new conception of diamond dust is plastered onto the surface of the print that creates a glistening and glamorous aesthetic to the piece. This style was more commonly used by Andy Warhol who used this method to intensify his work with a more stunning look. This style is consistent with Shepard’s intrigue in the use of seduction through marketing and branding.


If you’ve been a Stacy Peralta fan and a fan of Bones Brigade, then you should be thrilled to know that Stacy himself has just let us know that theres going to be another collection of exclusive products and rare memorabilia that are going to be available for purchase on the official Bones Brigade website.

Stacy is quoted saying, “We are in week 3 of the pre-order of Bones Brigrade, an autobiography & by overwhelming demand, we’ve gone back into our skate collections and cherry picked another round of historic items to offer directly from the Bones Brigade website.

A few items that they’ve released already has said to been a few rare items that belong to Tony Hawk, Tommy, McGill, George, as well as Stacy himself. The items included range from signed posters and postcards, to rare and scarce products such as team jackets to Quicktail boards along with a whole new collection of fifty brand new signed ripper boards that feature all eight signatures. They’ve  had a few more offerings in anticipation to the final debut of their film along with a collaboration of items from Rodney and Caballero as well.

In this day in age, we’re pretty accustomed to new laws and policies passing and coming into play. Every year the Government sits behind their desks and come up with all kinds of legislation policies that are supposed to be for the well being of our country. As citizens, we can appreciate or dread the new laws to take place. One law that has recently been passed hasn’t sat too well with individuals from the skate scene. For a few months now, its been stated that “bombing” has tacked on a few rules and regulations that put a damper on the sport.

The good ol’ city council decided to install a few rules and penalties that regard unsafe skateboarding methods. All the  real “bombers” and downhill carvers know that you have to crouch while their bombing the hill in their stance, but that position is no longer legal in the sport of skateboarding. Aside from that they’re not going to be able to hold onto any moving vehicles and they’ll have to obey every traffic sign and signal as well.

Carving hills is a serious sport that has been loved and adorned by countless of skateboarders, the method of their sport involves hills, winding roads, or even parking structures that allow for the boarder to pick up speeds of 40-50 miles per hour. The bombers usually crouch low to their board to pick up the momentum and maintain their balance but with the new laws taking place that form and position is no longer legal.

A Los Angeles councilman under the name of Joe Buscaino enforced the ordinance to put a tamper on “bombing” in his district where he stated a couple of skaters passed away during their bombing session.

“Our objective today was to prohibit reckless skateboarding,” said Buscaino. “We are sending a message that skateboarding is still allowed in the city of Los Angeles, but they have to do it in safe way and obey the rules of the road.” -Joe Buscaino

Prior to this law being passed, L.A. didn’t even recognize skateboarding as an official form of transportation, making it very difficult for city police to hinder unsafe skating practices. However after this new regulation, the city now has the power to ticket and fine us for yet another form of freedom that is practiced throughout our country in addition to them being able to confiscate our boards

Its time to bring in the New Year with an update from the skate scene concerning news and rumors that have been circulating since 2012. Its time to unveil the new additions and drops as well as other news to keep you up to date. In the next few months to come theres going to be a number of events and even more updates within the industry.

So without further a due, lets start off with your dose of skate for the day. Not necessarily sure why New Balance chose Dodger Stadium to unveil their first addition to the NB Numeric skate team, but nonetheless they announced the signing of PJ Ladd to represent them. Down at the Agenda Trade show in Long Beach Keelan Dadd has his moment of becoming a professional skater for DGK with a party hosted by Stevie Williams himself.

Luis Tolentino has been said to combine forces with the pro’s down at Shut Skateboards. Ipath footwear has been rumored to adding skater Shuriken Shannon as the latest addition to their skate team. The good guys over at Brixton stated that they proudly enlisted Victor Garibay to their team. Its also been rumored that Imperial Motion has brought Justin Strubing aboard to their list of shredders. Last but not definitely not least, Christian Hosoi has brought his talents down to Penny Skateboards as an official representative with him featuring his very own signature deck to debut and hit shelves April 1st, 2013.