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Within this generation a handful of brands have established themselves as a higher power throughout the street wear industry. Brands such as A Bathing Ape, Stussy, Undefeated, & Blvck Scvle have took a stronghold of the handle and the influence of this generation. Instead of competing, they’ve came together to collaborate and further establish themselves. So how does an up and coming brand make their mark on the scene? That notion is certainly one that everyone wishes they could possess.


But as of now, we believe that Necessities International has the secret in reach. They have breached the stronghold of the major league and have surfaced with a name of their own. They’ve started a revolution that the game so desperately needs. The iconic “Officer Oink” has been known to make every police officer cringe with disgust. They have crossed national borders and have certainly lived up to their name. The Jade elephant has been said to stand behind a notion of prosperity and pureness. It has been used a Talisman against evils for generations and its just one of the limited products that they carry. The Eve design is pretty self explanatory with a A women holding an apple that a vicious serpent is biting. But on the other hand, the question is what are they trying to convey?

Aside from their amazing graphics, their product is super limited with their store being sold out half of the time! They rarely restock making it that much harder to find any of their stuff. You won’t find any luck on Ebay and they don’t outsource to any other shops other than their own!


The meaning and symbolism behind their design is clouded with questions and religion. Its deeper than you think, it may you draw you to a conclusion but there is definitely more tied into it than that conclusion itself. We have recently caught up with some of the staff and they just visited the Stussy Harajuku Chapter of Stussy Japan. Maybe we can look forward to a collaboration in the near future? Here’s a picture of Jun from the Stussy Harajuku and his limited Officer Oink tee in white.

The origin of Necessities Intl is very vague and they don’t mention that much, but we happened to find out a little more than they would like to share publicly. A lot of their influences stem from Tokyo, Japan, New York, Los Angeles, along with Germany. Musicians such as Pharrell Williams, Eminem, Kanye West, Quasimoto and N.E.R.D. have also been an influence to their aesthetic along with artists such as Kaws and Nigo.

We have tried our best to possibly get Necessities International into our site, but that idea may be one of fiction. Be sure to check them out at

Huf has been on a roll lately, and they’ve been popping out a few tricks to keep their streak alive. Well check out the newest collaboration from Huf and Magic Number.

HUF has recently combined forces with a heavy hitter from the far east. The brand is called Magic Number and they’ve created a collection with HUF that includes a number of co-branded hats as well as shirts. Magic Number combines the different aspects of street wear along with the aesthetic of board sports as well. The clash of cultures is the brainchild of Ryu Nakamuru who established Magic Number in 2008. The design that Magic Number provides is one to be called the “New Lifestyle” .

It appeals to both sides of the fence who prefer streetwear along with the individuals who take part in extreme sports in addition to everyone else in-between. The Huf x Magic Number Collab marks Magic Number’s fifth year anniversary along with Huf’s 10th year anniversary.

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Why compromise style with functionality when you can have both? There’s a balance to be measured, and Markisa has it down to a tee. Trends are to be set or followed, and in this case Markisa sets them. Innovation and ingenuity are a couple of ideas this company is based upon.

As an example they started out with wallets, reason being is because a wallet is one of the items that you carry and use everyday. The idea of a wallet has lost its luster during the past years, but its the same item that carries your most valuable possessions of money, cards, and even contacts. Markisa recognized that and did something about it, & for starters they’ve brought back the importance of the little things that count.

Theres much more to this company than products, its the ideas that are behind them. They’re based upon the notion of originality, inventiveness as well as finesse, & you can see that through their merchandise. They combined the use of everyday items such as bags, accessories, and apparel with the style and edge we so desperately look for. Why settle for style while being uncomfortable, and why settle for comfort without good use for it? Those were a couple questions poised by this brand, and have since been answered with their first product.

Markisa was founded in 2009 by the likes of Paul Rodriguez, Nigel Alexander & Jason Wakuzawa through one mind and common cause. Style and functionality is the epitome of this brand, and those are the ideals that sets this brand apart from the others.

Markisa .




Vox is definitely more than a footwear brand, its purpose is to accommodate people of all backgrounds. They stick to the basics using original textures along with modern styling. Its a true fusion of old school with a twist of the new. Not only do they provide us with sick styling, but they demand top-knotch crafting as well as durable materials that can withstand Concrete; every skater’s enemy.

They combine the different aspects of boarding, music, and an abundance of lifestyles to incorporate their design. Along with an incredible design team, Vox not only focuses on providing us with apparel to skate in, but they also help endorse and support the fabrication of skateparks around the nation. With everything being said, Vox is definitely doing damage in the skate industry, from providing us with sweet skate wear, to sick skate parks to shred in. If you haven’t became acquainted with Vox yet, now is the time to do so.

While you’re here, check out the Vox x Thrasher collaboration made especially for team rider Dave Bachinsky.

The scenic route can be one of many things. It can be relaxing, it can be boring, or it can be the inspiration to an idea. In Greg Mike’s case, it turned out to be the driven influence behind his brand. As a kid he would take trips to New York from his home state of Connecticut, during those trips he was influenced by the edgy street art that lined the brick walls. With deep ties rooted into his art, he combines skate influence along with the fashions of the current. His pieces are somewhat abstract, and tell a story through the visuals. As a byproduct of pop art, his work stands out with troublesome characters in a mesmerizing cartoon realm.

Greg first exhibited his work in Atlanta, Miami, and San Fran under the title of “Popstars and Cokeheads”. With ecstatic reviews, the outcome of the exhibit has led the masses in suspense for Greg’s latest works and collabs in the near future. Along with his coined artsy style, he dabbles with geometric schemes to further incorporate his idea of design. An example of that styling is displayed in his recent collaboration with the one and only Benny Gold.

As time ticks away, the opportunity to strive towards your dreams slowly slips away. Benny Gold had an epiphany one day while working under an established company. He was made aware of the fact that he was on the verge of  neglecting his true desires of imaginative entitlement, with neither restrictions nor restraints. So in turn he made a decision to follow his intuition and dreams. He ditched the suit and tie for t-shirts and caps.

The sky is the limit, and Benny’s iconic plane logo symbolizes that mantra. It all began with a basic sticker that he plastered around the city. The notion behind the sticker was an old saying “Stay Gold”. He believes its a constant reminder of your beliefs and encounters that shape your personality, its what makes the individual pure and honest. Once he established the brand, he was reminded of the old saying he goes by and exerted the same influence behind his brand.

I’m sure most of us have all had that dreadful moment when your board snaps in half, or rolls into the street only to end up being run over by the first car in sight. Well there could possibly be a positive to this universal dilemma. Now we can put our broken boards to use, and for a good cause I should add. Skate Study House allows you to recycle your old skateboard accessories, and build new objects like furniture. They have a wide variety of creations to choose from. Anything from clocks to coffee tables.

Skate Study House originates in California. The company was started by skaters Pierre Andre Senizergues  and Gil Le Bon De Lapointe. Pierre continues to push designs that are created with skateboarders in mind and consist of a unique blend of fashion, durability, and quality. Gil’s design influence comes from hitting the streets in some of his favorite cities like Paris, New York, Los Angeles and Barcelona. Gil has a passion for Hybrid design and teamed up with Pierre to bring his ideas to life.

Their products are derived from their passion for design, skate culture, and california lifestyle. Hence their slogan, “Skateboard is design… Skateboard is everywhere”. All of their products are designed in California. They use your recycled decks, wheels, etc. and mix them with custom parts to bring forth their creative ideas.


Get acquainted with Brixton. They’re an embracement of culture, fashion, music, and a lifestyle of expression. Now if you’re already familiar with Brxtn, then you’re well aware of the bold styling and retro approach of their products, focusing mainly on their hats and jackets. But as summer nears, Brixton will have you covered for whatever the situation may be regarding beaches, summer nights, or surf sessions.

With an awesome line-up of board shorts and t-shirts alike, they’ll have you looking and staying cool at the same time. We all know how frustrating the sun can be, especially after getting used to the past seasons with layers of clothing. Well, times have changed and so should your wardrobe. Now is the time to stock up and take advantage of these offers, especially before they’re all gone.

Out with the old and in with the new, Huf just recently brought us the Spring 2012 Collection with the aid of the Spring Lookbook.  They enlisted photographer Brian Kelley as well to direct the overall effect of the book. Just add Brian, Huf riders Emilio Cuilan and Tucker Phillips to the equation, and a masterpiece is what you’ll end up with.

The book was shot in the streets of New York for a clean yet raw feel of the brand’s appearance, and not only that, whats a better setting for Huf then Keith’s native land. The book traces back to its roots with the visual imagery of where Huf and its counterparts where conceived.

The collection is consistent as always and focuses on a wide variety of pieces consisting of hats, tees, and shoes as well. Huf keeps it simple with their combination of street and skate wear that ultimately keeps us satisfied with variation and style.

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